Forum’s experience in the resort and hotel design market has enabled us to be recognized as one of the top architectural design firms in the nation by Hotel Design and the Hotel Business Green Book, and a ‘top hospitality design giant’ by Interior Design Magazine. Along with the ever-changing resort industry, Forum continually monitors state-of-the-art brand developments in order to create designs that are tailored to guest and user demands. Having completed designs for virtually all major corporate hotel brands, Forum has gained extensive knowledge of specific brand requirements and cultivated excellent relationships with many hotel corporations including Marriott, Starwood, Choice, Wyndham, and Hilton, to name a few. Maximizing the guest experience while designing buildings that are operationally efficient and profitable are key to Forum’s success in the resort market.

Dramatic site and amenity designs which enhance vacation experiences
Successful collaborations with top national timeshare and fractional ownership resorts
Balancing initial costs against future maintenance through detailed customized specifications