Experience is essential in multifamily design. The complexity of issues surrounding a multifamily project must be completely assessed in order to find the most viable, functional and aesthetically appropriate solutions for the market and client demands.

With more than 200,000 multifamily apartment homes in our portfolio, Forum has a long track record of dealing with budget and time constraints while maintaining active communication with both clients and contractors. Effective communication fosters invaluable relationships and keeps us up to date with industry best practices, new technologies, and systems.
In addition to architectural design, we provide conceptual land planning and site design for most multifamily projects. With a variety of unique features, Forum’s portfolio of multifamily communities covers a broad spectrum of housing needs in the market, ranging from affordable housing to luxury condominiums.
Maximize usable interior space in designs tailored specifically to satisfy cost, pro forma and market study recommendations
Distinctive architectural styles complimentary to local neighborhoods and constructible within budget
Signature amenities showcase the community and improve marketability